We help businesses to be successful in the digital era.

We create Digital Products for disruptive innovation.

We develop Artificial Intelligence applications.

We coach teams on Agile Development methods.

Our Services

Our Services

We can help you to lead a successful company in the digital era with the following services

Digital Product Development

We take full responsibility for the development of a modern full-stack system for your company, with management, development and system administration. We take advantage of agile methods to maximize the product value and lower the risk for you. Or we help your software team to implement new technologies like Artificial Intelligence with your existing products.

Digitalization Consulting

We live and work in the Digital Era and no company can avoid the disruptive nature of digitalization. We help you to digitize your processes, take advantage of digital products and Artificial Intelligence and become a more successful company.

Agile Development Coaching

Successful software teams make use of agile methods and tools like Scrum or Kanban. But just a 2-day training is not enough to build a successful agile team. We coach your development team to gain velocity and sustainably deliver better results.

Startup Business Consulting

We help you to startup your digital company with creating a Full Business Plan with a Business Model Canvas. We help you to create a Prototype or a Minimal Viable Product to prove your concept and gain venture capital. We help you to build a Full Digital Product to deliver your customers the best experience with your disruptive idea.

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